Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant proteins are a protein that is manipulated to generate large quantities of protein. In addition, to modify a gene sequence and for the manufacturing of useful commercial products.

Through recombinant technology (the process for the formation of recombinant protein), the recombinant protein is carried out in specialized vehicles known as vectors. The protein is encoded in a gene called the recombinant DNA that is cloned in a system that supports expression of the gene and translation of messenger RNA.


The recombinant proteins can be formed by transferring genetic materials isolated from a cell or virus into another cell. Whereas the recombinant protein therapy involves the insertion of the DNA encoding the protein into a bacterial or mammalian cell, expressing the protein in these cells and then purifying it from them. They are used for the production of pharmaceutical products, protein-based polymers for drug delivery, antibodies and enzymes for disease treatment, and for protein scaffolds used for tissue engineering.


Recombinant protein production is a powerful technique in science and has a wide application in



Most diseases in humans are related to partial dysfunction of specific proteins. Recombinant therapeutic proteins provide important therapies for various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, infectious diseases, anemia, and hemophilia. Human proteins obtained from genetic engineering are essential in therapeutic medicines, therefore, the growing demand for recombinant proteins.



Recombinant proteins help to identify and locate the position of the protein encoded by a specific gene and to uncover the function of other genes in various cells. As a result, recombinant proteins are used in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, structural and biophysical studies, and other research fields.



The recombinant proteins are used in biotechnology such as in food production, agriculture, and bioengineering.
The recombinant proteins are highly potent medicines that are safe with minimal side effects. They have a high earning and have resulted in significant development in major pharmaceutical companies.

Recombinant Humanp21 Recombinant Protein
ProSci 0.05 mg
Glyco Recombinant Protein A33 Recombinant Protein
ProSci 0.05 mg
Glyco Recombinant Protein A33 Recombinant Protein
ProSci 0.05 mg
Protein G Recombinant Protein
ProSci 2 mg
Protein L Recombinant Protein
ProSci 2 mg


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