100-3000bp Marker, Ready-to-use

Supplier Bio Basic · Catalog number: GM347

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108.02 EUR

50loading, 50prep
  • Specifications:
    • Sterility: Not sterile
    • UNSPSC Category: DNA Ladders
    • DNA Ladders
    • UNSPSC Code: 41105335
    • Tags: DNA Ladders
    • 100-3000 bp (Ready-to-use)
    • 100bp-3000bp Marker
    • Ready-to-use
  • Storage and shipping:The shipping of 100-3000bp Marker, Ready-to-use should be done with ice packs. Once received, the product should be put in a freezer at -15 to -20 °C.
  • Notes:100-3000bp Marker, Ready-to-use is marked as RUO. Do not use on humans.
  • Additional informations: Product category: Electrophoresis Related/Ladders - DNA/100-3000 bp

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