Anti-human CD5 Monoclonal Antibody Biotin Conjugated, Flow Validated

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Mouse Monoclonal human CD5 Antibody Biotin Conjugated, Flow Validated. Validated in Flow Cytometry and tested in Human.
  • Specifications:
    • category: Primary Antibodies
    • gene name: CD5
    • clonality: Monoclonal
    • clone number: OKT1
    • concentration: 0.5-1mg/ml, actual concentration vary by lot. Use suggested dilution ratio to decide dilution procedure.
    • conjugateBiotin
    • contents: PBS, pH7.2, 0.09% NaN3
    • uniprot id: P06127
    • host: Mouse
    • immunogen: NA
    • form: Liquid
    • purification: Protein A purified
    • isotype: IgG1, k
    • applications: Flow Cytometry
    • reactivity: Human
    • molecular weight: 54578 MW
  • Storage and shipping:4°C . Do not freeze.

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