Image of ExoStep  Cell Culture

ExoStep Cell Culture

Supplier ImmunoStep · Catalog number: ExoS-25-C9


550.50 EUR

25 test
  • Category: Exosome Products
  • Molecular Weight: NA
  • Host Species: N/A
  • Target Species: Human
  • Clone: N/A
  • Isotype: N/A
  • Conjugate/probe: N/A
  • Shelf Life: Each reagent is stable until the expiration date shown on the bottle label when stored as directed (at least, one year)
  • Physical State: Liquid
  • Tested applications: Flow Cytometry
  • Clonality: N/A
  • Regulatory Status: RUO
  • MSDS: NA
  • Gene ID: NA
  • Shipping: Blue Ice
  • Storge: Store in the dark at 2-8 °C

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