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Pichia Pastoris Host Cell Proteins Stock Standard

Supplier Alpha Diagnostics · Catalog number: 750-155-STD25



25 ug

Measles Virus Detection side view female looking through microscope

PCR Kit to Measles Virus Detection

Measles is caused by measles virus which is single-stranded, negative sense enveloped RNA virus. It is well known to be highly contagious. It’s airborne but is spread also via direct contact with secretions. The only host of this virus is human. Each year it infects 20-40 million people around the world, one to two millions…
are the scooter sharing is safe danger from xiaomi ninebot woman scaning code

Is the scooter sharing safe? (Danger from Xiaomi, Ninebot…)

Scooter sharing is the temporary rental of scooters as a last-mile and for a short distance. The scooter-sharing companies such as Bird, Spin, and Bolt provide a new experience for urban transport that has a low barrier for entry. A scooter (Xiaomi, Ninebot and other) sharing system helps to reduce traffic, car trips and carbon…

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