Image of IL-6 R alpha / CD126 Recombinant Protein

IL-6 R alpha / CD126 Recombinant Protein

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0.1 mg
  • Tested Applications: E, WB
  • Applications: This protein carries a human IgG1 Fc tag at the C-terminus. The protein has a calculated MW of 65.0 kDa. The protein migrates as 70-90 kDa under reducing (R) condition (SDS-PAGE) due to glycosylation.
  • Predicted Molecular Weight: 65.0 kDa
  • Physical state: Lyophilized
  • Buffer: Tris with Glycine, Arginine and NaCl, pH7.5
  • Concentration: N/A
  • NCBI official symbol: IL6R
  • Accession #: NP_000556.1
  • Protein GI: N/A
  • NCBI gene ID#: 3570
  • NCBI official full name: interleukin 6 receptor
  • NCBI organism: Homo sapiens
  • Peptide sequence: N/A
  • SWISSPROT #: P08887
  • Background Reference 1: Taga, T., et al., 1989, Cell (UNITED STATES) 58 (3): 573–81.
  • Background Reference 2: Schooltink, H., 1992, FEBS Lett. (NETHERLANDS) 314 (3): 280–4.
  • Background Reference 3: Yoshio-Hoshino, N. et al., 2007, Cancer. Res. 67: 871-875.
  • Background Reference 4: Egler, R.A. et al., 2008, Clin. Cancer. Res. 14: 7028-7034.
  • Background Reference 5: N/A
  • Source: HEK293 cells
  • Species: Human
  • By Source: Human Cells
  • By Species: Human
  • Fusion tag: Fc Tag
  • Sequence: Leu 20 - Pro 365
  • Biology activity: N/A
  • Purity: >95% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Products are intended for laboratory research purposes only and should be used by qualified personnel only. They are not intended for use in humans. ProSci is not liable for damages or injuries resulting from receipt and/or use of ProSci materials. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe storage, handling, and use procedures. Lyophilized Protein should be stored at -20°C or lower for long term storage. Upon reconstitution, working aliquots should be stored at -20°C or -70°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

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