HGB monoclonal antibody

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295.20 EUR

1 mg
Mouse anti-human Hemoglobin(HGB) monoclonal antibody
  • Specifications:
    • Category: Monoclonal Antibodies
    • Research Area: NA
    • Immunogen: NA
    • Host: NA
    • Specificity: human hemoglobin
    • Cross Reactivity: NA
    • Isotype: IgG1
    • Clone: NA
    • Method of Purification: NA
    • Concentration: NA
    • Form & Buffer: MAb solution in PBS with 15 mM NaN3(pH 6.0)
    • Applications: LFIA
    • Usage Recommendations: NA
  • Storage and shipping:
    • Storage: Aliquot and store at -20 or -80  deg C. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles
    • Shipping: NA

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