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PCR Kit to Measles Virus Detection

Measles is caused by measles virus which is single-stranded, negative sense enveloped RNA virus. It is well known to be highly contagious. It’s airborne but is spread also via direct contact with secretions. The only host of this virus is human. Each year it infects 20-40 million people around the world, one to two millions of those infections end up with death. It is common that measles outbreaks are typical for underdeveloped countries with lower or limited access to healthcare.

Measles infection is dangerous, for example patients with immunodeficiency, immunosuppression after organ or stem cell transplantation. It is also critical threat for individuals that from other medical reasons have lowered immunity or could not be vaccinated.

Symptoms Measles

Fever, Dry cough, Runny nose, Sore throat, Inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis), Tiny white spots

Symptoms of measles develop for 10 to 12 days prior infection. Typically, these are high fever, cough, runny nose and inflammation of the eyes. After first symptoms start, 3-5 days later red rash develops and spreads from the face to the rest of the body. Typical complications are diarrhea, middle ear infection, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, seizures, blindness, brain damage caused by inflammation of the brain, death.

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Measles rubeola bronchiolitis with marked air trapping
Measles Virus RT PCR kit
Bioingentech 100T

How to detect measles?

Real Time PCR for Measles Virus Detection test reagent vial

Measles Virus Real Time PCR Kit is designed to be used to detect measles virus by real time PCR method in pharyngeal and nasal secretions as well as in serum, plasma, blood.

Real time PCR is also sometimes called quantitative PCR as it allows to monitor increase of amount of DNA during polymerase chain reaction in real time. This method bases on the fluorogenic 5’ nuclease assay. The probe at the 5’ end is cleaved by DNA polymerase.

Halobacillus PCR kit
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Enterovirus PCR kit
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Reporter dye is separated from the quencher dye only when the probe hybridizes to target DNA resulting in emission of fluorescent signal. This emission is detected in real time by systems of PCR machine. With the time of progression of PCR cycle the increase of the fluorescence signal is corresponding with proportional increase of amount of specific DNA product. Real-time PCR advances over traditional PCR as it allows to detect accumulating product during the procedure, not at its end, and does not require reopening the reaction tube for validation of the result.


RR-0054-02 Measles Virus Real Time RT-PCR Kit