QuantiChrom Urea Assay Kit is used to measure the concentration of urea in plasma and serum samples. To measure kidney function, one of the most parameters measured is blood urea nitrogen (BUN) which measures the amount of nitrogen in the blood in the form of urea. Urea is synthesized in the liver from the ammonia produced from amino acids via the hepatic urea cycle and later transported to the kidneys where it is excreted in the urine.

Quantitation of urea is the most widely used test for the evaluation of kidney function through the analysis of serum, plasma, and urine to determine renal disease and dysfunction. High levels of urea are associated with renal, liver, or other system dysfunction while decreased urea levels are associated with acute hepatic insufficiency or excess parenteral fluid therapy.

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Characteristics of the Kit

  • The kit has a linear detection range of 0.08mg/dL to 100mg/dL urea in 96-well plate assay
  • Can be used in thousands of samples per day
  • It can be enhanced for reagent and signal stability
  • It does not require pretreatment, as a result, Assays can be directly performed on raw biological samples

Uses of QuantiChrom Urea Assay Kit

The kit is used for research only in measuring urea directly in biological samples without any pretreatment.

Significance of QuantiChrom Urea Assay Kit

  • It is sensitive and accurate
  • Simple/easy to use and high-throughput
  • Improved reagent stability and versatility
  • Has low interference in biological samples
  • Results obtained are reliable and reproducible
  • Requires minimum hands-on


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