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About Gentaur Molecular Products

Gentaur molecula products was established in 2000 by Lieven Gevaert, A mere few months after its foundation Gentaur already had over 25 employees.

Gentaur Molecular products offer more than 3 million research antibodies, ELISA kits, proteins and polyclonal, monoclonal antibody development, recombinant protein expression and purification, peptide synthesis as well as gene synthesis from over 700 suppliers.

Gentaur is a very well-known distributor in Europe and America, with more than 10 offices in several countries : Belgium, France, America... and was established to meet the steadily growing demand for products of the biotechnology sector

We help you to find the best product for your researches in a short time thanks to our team who is available all the time just to answer your questions via chat, email, skype ... So please feel free to contact us.

The Gentaur group employs staff members with complementary profiles who can perform a wide range of assignments both independently and as a team.

Researchers buy their laboratory reagents and instruments since 2000 from GENTAUR. The reason they choose us? Low prices and fast delivery. We also guarantee them the highest level of advice and support in 8 European countries and at Genprice Inc. in San Jose, CA , USA.

Lieven Gevaert

Lieven Gevaert, bio-engineer RUG 1996, pationnated by nature and biology.

He always dreamed about being a laboratory researcher himself and to obtain a PhD but since he was not selected he decided to supply lab reagents and help others to achieve their research goals.

More about Gentaur

Laboratory researchers buy from GENTAUR their PCR reagentsELISA kitsantibodies and instruments since its foundation in 2000. The reason to choose us? Low prices, fast delivery and local invoicing. We also guarantee the highest level of advice and support in 9 European countries and at our sister company Genprice Inc. in San Jose, CA , USA.
Our team of 25 biologists and 5 PhD s are specialized in various fields:
human recombinant proteinsimmune histo chemistry or IHC,  DNA extraction, cDNA RNA exosome  miRNA   profiling,  electrophoresis, cell culture, trans-differentiation and   ipsc   production( induces pluripotent stem cell).
They can visit you from their local offices in London, Paris, Brussels, KampenhoutEindhoven[gentaur.pl]GdanskBergamoAachenBarcelonaSofia orfrom San Jose, California USA.


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